Session 4 - Sam Journal

Saturday October 31st 2009


I told my mom that I needed to go see Lilybeth to talk about some
school project. I hate lying to her. As I arrived at LilyBeths’
house she pulled in the drive. She wasn’t alone. There was a girl
riding on the back of the motorcycle, which was Kooches. The girl
knew who I was. She called me Sammy, only my Mom and Sister call me
that. I knew her face but I couldn’t quite place it. Who is she?

She introduced herself by asking if you know who I am? I of course
said that I did. It turns out it is LilyBeth sister, Nicole. She
shouldn’t be that old. She was ten or twelve when she went missing
and that was only a couple of years ago. Probably the oldest she
could or should be is 14; she could easily pass for 20. She has the
same thorn scratches that were got from the quarry. Something strange
is going on here.

Somebody dug up Dennis’s body. Who would do that? I know that it
wasn’t Brent. He is totally infatuated with Debbie, and getting her
back right now. He stopped by my house this afternoon. He kept going
on about the wish he made in the quarry. He seemed a little bit out
of sorts. He didn’t understand how my wish came true and his
didn’t. But he is right. Did the wish have anything to do with the
good news at the mill?

I think that I need to talk to the man “Bob” that attacked us in the
asylum. Maybe he knows something we don’t. Now I’m going crazy.
Apparently Kooche and Lilybeth might be dating. That’s good I guess.
He slept in her bed. And she is riding his bike. Seems a little
odd. He was pretty hung-over. Maybe I’m wrong about them dating.

Nicole, Is she really 14? I could ask her on a date But not if she is
14. But she looks 18 or 20 and she acts older too. Could something
else be going on? I’ll talk to her tonight at the party.

I have to get suited up for the party.

Session 4 - Sam Journal

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