Session 2 - Sam Journal

Thursday October 29th 2009

What a strange day! And a strange week. Brent was suspended for 2
weeks, which meant that the football team was down a qualified quarter
back. I figured I could probably do that, I mean how difficult is it
to throw a football? How different is it to catching in reverse? I
impressed the coach and he said I could play QB until Brent gets back.
I think that I’ve made some new friends, Kooche and LilyBeth. It is
weird to be friends with people who don’t worship you or tiptoe around
you because your father is their boss. I like it. It feels real,
which is strange that I didn’t notice the lack of “real” in my life
before now. So Dad talked to me about which school I’m going to go to
again. I’m not sure what I even what to do when I grow up.
Professional Football, Doctor, Businessman, ugh. I just can’t make
up my mind. Kooche invited me out to a pre-halloween party. Sounds
pretty fun, I think that I’ll be going. It should be especially fun
without Brent there. I think that I’m going to invite Debbie to go
with me. She recently broke up with Brent so I think that it will
cheer her up. Well I have to get to sleep I have a big test tomorrow
and the big game where I get to be the star QB.

Friday October 30th 2009

Holy COW! The game was a complete shutout!! I think that I threw a 70
yrd pass. And I made a running QB Sneak from the 12 yard line, and ran
for a 84 yard touchdown. Fantastic game!! I gave Debbie a celebratory
victory kiss, I think that I’m starting to like her again. But to be
clear I wasn’t going to pursue anything until she broke it off with
Brent, like he said it best you don’t rub another man’s “rhubarb”. I
think that this is a going to be a good year. I’ve got new friends, a
new position and hopefully a new girl. I gotta get going so I can
meet up with the rest of the group. I’m going to get a ride with some
of Kooche’s friends.

Friday October 30th 2009 (Later)
I have seen death and stared it in the eyes. It stared back. I
didn’t fear. I was surprisingly ready. I think it was because my
life is so good right now, that of all of the times to die, It should
happen when you are on top of the world. We went to the Barker Quarry
for the party. It was pretty fun until Brent came with his cronies.
Him and Kooche started fighting and before we knew what was going on
they both fell off cliff into the quarry lake. I was all the way
across the ‘camp’ when I saw them fall. I started running towards
the edge the instant they slipped off, and before they hit the water I
was diving down to meet them, I knew that Brent can’t swim. As I
entered the water there was a light, it was brighter under water and
you could see relatively clearly. I could see bodies, maybe hundreds
of them. They were tied up in some nasty looking thorny ivy. The
Brent was flailing around screaming about drowning. I saw that Kooche
was unconscious I decided to leave Brent and get Kooche up on the rock
ledge and then I came back to get Brent. That is when Lilybeth must
have fainted and fell as well. With the calming words of LilyBeth
Brent calmed down enough to so I could pull Brent out of the water.
LilyBeth and Brent also saw the bodys looking back at them Brent said
that they were reaching for him. Lilybeth said that she wouldn’t go
back into the water. We were all covered in our own blood from the
cuts from the thorny vines.

We were stuck. After awhile we heard sirens. Police must have been
called. I thought “I can’t be caught here; I will be in trouble for
sure.” We started looking deeper into the rock formation and it
formed into a cave. LilyBeth said that it seems like it should be
connected to the other cave that we fell into before. I have no idea
how she is so good with direct but she hasn’t been wrong. As we were
thinking about whether or not to follow it we saw a glint of light on
the walls. It was a poem carved into the side of the cave, it looked
really old, but it was in English. It talked about making a wish. It
seemed a little bit creepy and before we could talk about it Brent
made a wish for Debbie to stay, and then he dripped a drop of blood in
the water. Then Kooche wished that Dennis would be alive again.
Lilybeth then wished to be able to leave Weirton. Then the other
looked at me. What would I wish for. I have everything I need most
everything I want. What would make this better would be if there were
more people to share in the good life I have. I sincerely pleaded “I
wish for things to be right again in Weirton, for the factories and
the steel mills to open and for Weirton to be what it used to be.”

Brent apologized for killing Dennis. I actually believed him this

After that odd once in a life time moment we had to get out of the
cave. When we got out of the cave we snuck back to the party campy so
Brent could give us all a ride home in his car, but the cars where all
gone. They must have towed Brent’s car. What was strange was that
there wasn’t anybody looking for our bodies in the water. Maybe they
just thought that all the kids where making it up. Or maybe they knew
something was weird out here.
We all walked home. Once we got to town we split up. I must have
been about 3-4 o’clock in the morning by the time I reach home. I
tried sneaking in to my room but my Dad was awake and he heard me
coming in. There was no use in hiding anymore. I explained that I
lost track of time we were celebrating the big win in the woods. I
tried to avoid the location, I was vague and said in the woods, then
he specifically ask if I went back into the Barker Barrens. I then
told him the truth. That we were in the Barker’s land. I apologized,
he seemed really disappointed. Then I told the rest of the story that
Kooche and Brent got a in a fight and they fell into the water filled
quarry. Bret couldn’t swim so I dove in after them to save them and
then LilyBeth fell in also. They we found a cave down by the water
and we climbed out that way. By the time we got back to the camp all
of the other kids were gone, so we all had to walk back. Dad took it
pretty well. I could tell he was very disappointed in me. He was
glad that I did so well in the game. But that didn’t excuse my
behavior, so I have been grounded from all non-school related
activities. He said that If I do anything like this again that I
would be relieved from my sports responsibilities. I think that the
party at Brent is technically a school sponsored event so I’m guessing
that I’ll be able to make to that, but I didn’t want to push my luck
so I didn’t bring it up. I’ll bring it up tomorrow. I do wish that
the town of Weirton could good again.

I’m beat and I’ve gotta get up early to do some chores, hopefully
this smoothes things out a little bit.

Session 2 - Sam Journal

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