Session 1 - Sam Journal

Tuesday October 27th 2009-

It has been 5 days and people are still talking about the save in the
last game. I can’t believe that Brent dropped the ball! I’m just
glad I was there to pick it up. It’s a home game this Friday. The
whole town will be there. And then there is the Halloween party on
Saturday. I love this time of year.

Wednesday October 28th 2009-

The big senior trip was today. The asylum has always kind of freaked
me out. It just makes me feel like Weirton needs real industry to
return. What kind of town’s major industry is treating mentally
disabled people? The trip was uncomfortable at best. During the
“free” lunch with the patients I was reminded that Brent Smith is just
like his father, a jealous ignorant bully. I think that Brent hates
me because I’m better at football than he is. He started to get on my
case for talking to Debbie, which was weird because she talked to me
first. Then out of nowhere he started to harass some of the guys with
family in the asylum, Kooche and LilyBeth. Like I said ignorant!
Then out of retaliation Kooche flung his lunch tray perfectly from 4-5
yards away hitting Brent right in the side of the head. Maybe we need
to get him on the team, might throw better than Brent. I tried to get
between them but they both wanted a fight, needless to say Lilybeth
and Kooch kicked his butt.
The day got stranger. There was a large patient, who attacked
Lilybeth. He was obviously trying to kill her. He said something
about how she wouldn’t look good covered in blood. I had to stop
him. I made the most powerful hit I have ever experienced. I heard
several of the man’s ribs break, making the sound that carrots make
when you snap them. Kooch opened up on the man, a boot in the head,
a chair in the back, and he was still going strong. We all got in
trouble for it but, much less than I expected. Did I mention that
Brent is immature? He had the bus leave without LilyBeth, Kooche, and
We started to walk back to school, which would have been a 4 hr walk.
Then we came to a shortcut that takes us through the old Indian lands,
now owned by Mr. Barker. I figured it would let me get to practice
just in time. I wanted to play on Friday; it’s a standing rule that
if you miss practice then you don’t play. While walking through the
forest we saw that old man Barker is digging up old ruins. Kooch took
some of “his” people’s jewelry from the dig sight.
While walking through the forest the path gave out beneath us, I
jumped out of the way. And so did LilyBeth, which surprised me, maybe
she should be on the team as well, first girl on the team, that would
be cool. Too bad for Kooch he fell in. We went in after him and
there was this Indian chanting I heard. I’m not sure if the other
could hear it or not. We saw these Indian remains hold ing an old
tomahawk. Kooch claimed it. A security guard found us in the hole,
and help us out, It was one of my old team mates. It’s weird that
there are camera’s all over the forest. Who does that? The guard was
going to take us to see Barker, or press trespassing charges or
something, but then he was told over the radio to just let us go, it
sounded like something more important came up.
With the ride back I’ll be able to catch 5th period and then get to
football practice. What a strange day so far.

Session 1 - Sam Journal

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