Changeling the Lost: Shattered Dreams - Denver

Chronicle Session Logs
Chronicle of Sessions

In this area, I hope to maintain a log of each session as well as link to the character made journal entries and session summaries. Given the generally short sessions we have, I hope to keep this relatively up to date, provided real life requirements and obligations don’t get in the way first. I am not very gifted with writing skills, but my players are, so definitely check out the links/wiki pages with their writings. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Reality Crumbles

Session 1 – GM Summary
Session 1 – Lilybeth Journal
Session 1 – Sam Journal
Session 2 – Sam Journal
Session 3 – GM Summary
Session 3 – Sam Journal
Session 4 – GM Summary
Session 4 – Sam Journal
Chapter 1 Session 5 – End Summary


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