Samson Arcellor Mittal

Prince of a Dying Town Turned Militaristic Demon Who Killed Out of Capriciousness and Whim


Belshazzar (Samson Arcellor-Mittal)

Fairest Dragon-Blood


Pre-Abduction Information

Age: 18 year old,
Birthday: November 4th

He is a football star. Popular , well as popular as anyone could be in an
abandoned town like Weirton. His family has lived in the area for quite a
long time, multiple generations. His father’s company (AM steal mill)
employees a large percent of the working people in the area. This has an
interesting effect on the people at school and in the town. People tend to
treat him as if he was a bully, not because he is, just because his father
controls the live of so many people. People tend to give him and his family
respect, but there is always a hidden jealousy. He is expected to go to
college and get a business degree and take over the family business. He has
a younger sister (12 yrs old), Sarah.
Separate from his family he is also a local hero, because of his football
playing ability. " The one shining point about this school is the
football team which has won the 1A division state title for 5 years running"
Let’s just say he has been starting on the football team for the last 4 of
those years.
People talk about his getting a scholarship to play college football. And
there also rumors about him joining the military to become a real hero.
Right now he is keeping all of his options open.
More to come.
Samson Arcelor Mittal Character Profile
1. Make a 2-3 word description of your base character personality.
Benevolent Prince (Friend to all)

2. What is your character’s greatest love?
The town of Weirton and his Family.

3. What would your character be willing to sacrifice all else for (if

Not sure will have to continue to think about this one.

4. What/who does your character hate/fear most in life (person,
situation, or thing, ect).

I fear becoming a Brent Smith, and his father

5. Give me a description of your family and relationships with them.
Are you in a functional home? Are your parents attentive, detached,
abusive, loving?

I am in a mostly loving home. With an attentive family. Only my father
works, but my mom spends most of her time with the “country club” crowd.
And spends lots of time going to the city. I have had a great
relationship with my father and he went to the same high school and also
played football.

6. What are your plans after graduation?
I “plan” to attend college at Stanford, but inside he would rather just
go to one of the community colleges so he doesn’t has to interact with
people like Brent. Or maybe join the military were everyone is equal.

7. What hobbies do you have?
I like the stock market, most people don’t know I do this. I like to
play sports, and watch movies. Some times I participate in the street
drag racing on Saturday nights.

8. What is your greatest virtue?
Charity would be my greatest virtue.

9. What is your worst vice?
Curiosity is my worst vice. It is also very difficult for me to turn
down a challenge.

10. What is your greatest wish/deepest desire?
I would wish for the town of Weirton to be restored to the glory days by
increasing the demand for the steel products, which would eliminate the
current poverty.

After Escape from the Hedge

Samson’s memories of his time within Arcadia are hazy at best. Thus far, he has had flashbacks of being pampered with the finest foods, drinks, and companions that his Keeper (still unidentified, other than “King” or “Father”) could provide. These flashes of memories of exquisite pleasure are mixed with visions of equally exquisite torture, labor, and training. Other visions show him leading vast armies of nightmare creatures and humans against equally hellish foes in bloody and pointless battles at the whim of his Keeper, slaughtering those who oppose as often as his own soldiers who showed signs of weakness or cowardice.

Samson Arcellor Mittal

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