Mailbox ("Boxer")

A crude Wizened, Goblin Miner with a mouth as filthy as his clothing


Boxer is dirty. Dirty in mind, speech and appearance. Looking like a creature that literally crawled from the pages of J.R.R. Tolkien’s imagination, this diminutive man (5’foot tall) leaves a trail of dirt and dust and a litany of curses and insults wherever he goes. His white hair is balding on top (usually covered by a typical “old-man’s” hat, cut short in the back. His mouth is hidden by a perpetually dirty, thick beard that goes down to his waist. Boxer generally dresses in workman’s clothing, mechanic jumpsuits, dirty jeans, coveralls, etc. He carries various trinkets, tools, or pieces of machinery in his pockets that he constantly fidgets with and tries to figure out new uses for.


Boxer is quite open about his time in Arcadia (from what he can remember). He was part of the 101st Engineering Corps of the Keeper known only as the General; a creature who constantly warred with other True Fey for no apparent reason. Boxer has vivid memories of digging and tunneling under battle fields to get behind enemy lines or to set explosive charges to detonate under enemy ranks. This largely explains his fondness for all things that go “BOOM”.
Boxer seems to perpetually be in a bad mood. Few have ever heard a kind word come from his mouth and he seems to be the quintessential pessimist. However, those who can weather his tirades and off-colored remarks learn that it is just a hard exterior. When he thinks that no one is looking, he is capable of great compassion and is fiercely loyal to those he considers to be his friends (even if he never lets them know that he thinks positively of them).
Boxer earned his name “Mailbox” as one of his favorite past times is trying out his experimental explosives on the mailboxes of unsuspecting. He will generally watch with glee from a nearby hiding spot as the owners duck for cover and later froth with rage over his vandalism. As this is his favored source of Glamour, his membership in the Summer Court is understandable.
Boxer tumbled from the Hedge about 1 year prior to meeting the PC’s and he travels with Fen, looking for Lost who were captured or fell behind after the Wild Hunt on the Pittsburg Freehold.

Mailbox ("Boxer")

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