Bob the Butcher

Cyclopean Ogre whose vacant eye sockets can see the future.


To the mundane world, Bob is large, most likely one of the largest men that any given person has seen. Aside from his massive girth, the most striking feature of this man are his eyes: they appear to be completely white, his iris and pupils coverd by milky cateracts. Bob generally dresses in whatever clothing he can find that fits (whatever is on hand at the local Goodwill)


In his true form, this changeling is more than massive; his head measuring nearly 9 feet tall while his girth boarders on what Mundys would consider morbid obeisety. Much like his mask, Bob the Butcher’s eyes are his most striking feature…or lack thereof. Bob’s eyes have been completely sewn shut and close inspection reveals that the sockets are completely empty. It is suspected that this was done to him by his Keeper, in an effort to better harness the Ogre’s ability for seeing glimpses of the future.


Unlike his friend Boxer, Bob is generally silent on his time in Arcadia. Not even Fen knows what his friend went through, save it was extremely traumatic. When Bob tumbled out of the Hedge, he wandered the streets of Pittsburgh as a homeless drunk, his Clarity hopelessly destroyted during his escape. He was found by Fen who nursed him back to health and introduced him to the Courts. Since that time, Bob worked hard to reclaim his mind and Clarity and has never had a drink since. Bob served the Courts as a trusted adviser and seer that guided whatever King or Queen sat upon the seasonal throne.

When the Wild Hunt killed or carried off most of the Freehold, Bob was traumatized. His mind retreated from the horrors, whittleing away his precious Clarity, plungin him into madness. He was found by Dr. Swindel, a Loyalist Changeling or Privateer who made his fortunre locating and capturing escaped changelings and selling them back to the Others. Bob was ultimately rescued by Fen, Avalon, and Belshazzar from Swindel’s twisted haven within the Hedge.

Bob the Butcher

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